Friday, February 12, 2010

Sleepwalking and the Olympics

I wonder what causes it?....sleepwalking that is. I've had a few experiences in my time, but most vivid was during my first week of University in my new room. I recollect getting out of bed and thinking I was in someone elses room. I panicked and unlocked the door, ran down the hall out that door, down all the stairs and out the main fron door to the building, where I snapped out of it. I realized what had happened and thought it was pretty funny, until it hit me that I was now locked out of the building in the middle of the night in my pj shorts and tank top. Better yet, it just started to rain. Luckily I met a guy earlier in the week on the first floor and was able to locate his room and wake him up my knocking on his windows!

Have you ever sleptwalked? The point of this entire post was because I cam across the cutest video of a dog sleepwalking. Too funny!

So who is watching the opening ceremonies tonight for the Olympics? I know I am! I'm going to do my very best this year to follow as much of the games as I can. I think we all should as its going to be a LONG time until they come back to Canada. I am most looking forward to both the men and womens hockey (of course!) but wish all the athletes representing our country the best of luck! GO CANADA GO!!!


My 6 year old nephew is SO INTO the Olympics this year its just ADORABLE! He's a very patriotic kid just like his daddy. For any other tots out there that are excited about the Olympics, go here to meet the mascots. There are games, colouring pages and more for you all to enjoy.

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